Wisconsin Consumer Alert:

The WAFRP has very high standards with regard to the approval of various products used in basement repair. Products approved  by WAFRP must then be approved by the Southeast Wisconsin Building Inspectors' Association in conjunction with their approval of WAFRP standards.  Certain basement repair methods and products not approved by WAFRP are being used in the repair of basements. WAFRP does not take a position one way or another as to whether these products serve their intended purpose, only that they have not received WAFRP approval.  A list of some of the products that have not been approved by WAFRP include the following:

  • The PowerBrace system
  • The Gorilla Wall Brace system
  • Geo-Lock wall anchors
  • StablWall and/or any other Carbon-Fiber system of repair


Contact a WAFRP representative at (262) 827-5008 for information regarding how to submit a product for approval.



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